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Monday, December 30, 2013


Presented for your perusal, dear reader, another early Countdown To Horror Zero tale.
This second offering of this story is basically for the many who missed my early original posting.
I have one more older postings to release.
Enjoy... the Horrorwalker World Horror!

Presenting... THE RAPTURE!



(Season 1, Episode 57)

A horrifically doomed person donated his final words,
His tale of horror of a future terror to come,
His Horrorwalker encounter story to the Horrorwalker Travel Guide.
As usual, the person's initials end Horrorwalker missives.
This tale of frightening horror does not need to be vetted as truth.

As all of you should know,
This anonymous Horrorwalker horror poem,
As with all Horrorwalker tales,
Will come true.
It will come true... let us all hope that day will come much later than sooner.

Perhaps the author was shown something more by the Horrorwalker that he...
Is not willing to share right now.
And perhaps,
This is a fiction tale composed by someone who is...
Delusional enough to tempt the wrath of the Horrorwalker by creating this possible fiction?

Mankind may never know the answers!
But again, Horrorwalker missives do come true!
So the world simply waits to see what will happen.
In the meantime... presented right here in The Countdown To Horror Zero,
One of the more disturbing Horrorwalker horror tales: The Rapture!



(Charleston, S.C.)

I heard the ear drum imploding bang of impossible sound...
Like a world sized drum struck from inside.
I knew it when I heard it...
My life as Samuel Masters was soon to end with the rest of the world.

My watch just stopped working!
The birds just stopped chirping!
The clouds just stopped moving!
My feet just stopped grasping gravity!

This has to be a waking nightmare dream!
The world around me just quit working.
Everything around me has begun to float away.
The air around me is now filled with everything!

I believe it is now 12:05 after noon.
Something strange about this day is now real.
The time has come for the day of reckoning.
Has God finally come to earth to exterminate us all?

I heard a woman scream out toward the sky,
“Dear God, I’m coming home to you in your Rapture!”
She was praying words of “I’m coming home to you, God...”
As she floated toward the east and out of my line of sight.”

I am rising upward at a faster speed now.
Gravity has ceased to exist and earthbound is now not.
This is surreal madness as I have just grabbed a frightened puppy.
The fear in its eyes tells me it knows something I do not!

And now there is the roar in the background.
A sound like a thousand jets is quickly approaching!
And way over there is what appears to be a wall of fire!
It is quickly coming this way and obviously I am soon to die.

Is that the rapture by God I have heard about for all my life?
Is God actually real and has finally decided to end all life on earth?
Are the true believers in the Bible's many viral words finally vindicated?
Are they to be spared the sudden many forms of death before us?

It is not only the insanity created by reading the bible that has made us all dead!
Other religions have their fictional narrative followed, word for word, in their own book!
And lately, a cracked religion has formed around the words of a deceased science fiction writer!
The world of religion has gone mad and some of its leaders have nukes... and want to use them!

Did the threatened nuclear war from the psychopaths over there finally begin?
American nuclear worships were sent into their region last week.
The enemy said they would unleash the "Fire of a Thousand Suns" upon the world.
I am now feeling that rapidly increasing heat of a thousand suns!

I just released the puppy to the raging, loud hot atmosphere.
It died in my arms from fright and heat a couple of minute ago.
My blistering skin is forcing screams of pain from my mind!
I will never yell out my pain and give God, or them, the victory!

Religion is the Uranium 235 of the social atomic bomb.
Earth is a fractured rock of death and destruction fueled by and evil God’s madness!
Suicidal humans who desire one thing in their lives -- to meet their God…
Would rather blow up the planet that capitulate to another religion’s dogma.

And today... the world is appearing to burn to an end!
My watch stopped working at 12:08 PM.
My final thought before I explode into a vaporized fire ball is --
‘The politicians could have prevented this blasphemous ending a decade ago!’


Monday, December 23, 2013


(Season 1, Episode 58)

The Horrorwalker Travel Guide Presents:

(Green Bay, Wisconsin)

I was floating along wistfully in my sleep dreamland --
Until I heard something that opened my eyes wide awake!
My mind came from surrealism,
Then my body slowly followed,
For it was then the searing midday hour!

And I was then staring blindly into the coffin blackness.
“Sleep, please come back to me,” 
I begged a whisper to the darkness.
“I must return to the blissful whispers of my awaiting dream.”

Sweet copper-iron dream dust and candy red sand,
My bliss had not actually left me in the awake!
I was reaching for more dream stuff…
For you see,
I was actually still asleep and dreaming of reaching toward the dark --
The dark that whispered these hushed words…
You hungry, undead sleepy head.
And awaken to feed upon the living when you no longer hear the…


Wednesday, December 18, 2013


(Season 1, Episode 59)

There are other Horrorwalker inspired horror tomes out there!
Their authors have had their lives changed forever with a...
Personal Horrorwalker encounter!

 With their imaginations,
Or through sharing their personal Horrorwalker Tome story,
 These authors expand the narrative of the precarious nature of the horror in the... 
Horrorwalker World! 

Human nature as it is... 
We, humans, exploit all given situations. 
And so, 
Here for your perusal, 
From the Horrorwalker Horror tome titled: Blood Plasma, 
Is a little horror tale of -- ANIMAL BLOOD!



-Southport, N.C-

Nothing sates the bloodlust thirst,
 The  strongest desire of the undead dead like -- 
Warm human blood! 
I was once a human being named Marc Banner! 

What irony be this lengthy reality -- 
That now I must feed, 
Blood craving cannibal-like, 
Upon what was once my own kind! 

Human blood, 
So sweet and so salty, 
Dashed with the spice of tangy chemical food additives… 
My fangs drip saliva in a Pavlovian response! 

I crave the sugar and sodium mixture in you.
I savor the electric abuse that flavors your blood. 
I swoon as I anticipate the taste of your flesh. 
As my teeth pierce your neck skin, I will see stars!

Those are the thoughts and desires of a wonting vampire!
Though I am about to imagine sweet tastes and sounds,
I am actually about to drain this squealing pig of its blood --
I have not hunted human prey in two years. 

I covet the human taste every time I drink –- animal blood!
I sit here in my grey darkness listening to the squeals… 
Just before I drink the harsh blood that is not human!
This is thick, rich, raw, gamey, coppery wild feral blood!

Feral blood is never good enough to be satisfying!
Every drink I take draws me closer to the human hunt.
Soon, because I now can barely resist my vampire bloodlust,
I will have to go back to the city for -- human blood!


Monday, December 9, 2013


Presented for your perusal, dear reader, another early Countdown To Horror Zero tale.
This second offering of this story is basically for the many who missed my early original posting.
I have a few more older postings to release.
Enjoy... the Horrorwalker World Horror!

Presenting... GRASS!



(Season 1, Episode 60)

(Plano, Texas)

I am Paul Masterson... and this time I awakened to find myself kneeling in a wide expanse of field. The knee high grass is very green and waving lazily in synchronization to the gentle warm breeze blowing around me. Birds hidden in the grass chirp happily, confident in their anonymity. I believe they are whippoorwills, but since it is actually midday, and they do not usually give their familiar call until evening, I must offer a guess as to their actual identities.
I see no trees in this landscape. There is only big blue sky meeting hills covered in green grass. The scene is calming -- intoxicatingly calm, actually.

Suddenly, the grass around my knees parts open, retreating onto itself to present to me the open space the size of a football field. The soft green carpet invites me to walk on it. The blades now barely reach above my ankles. I turn in a complete circle to view the awesome all before me. I am stunned. What is actually happening here? And, just where am I? Also, what is that form that just appeared low to the grass on the opposite side of the clearing? Something… I can’t … quite… make out. Is that a person?

I slowly begin to approach the out of focus form. Within minutes I realize I am walking toward a woman. And suddenly I am filled with the urge to run toward this woman, who by now has risen from a sitting position to standing upright and looking at me. The grass will not allow rushing. It grabs at my feet to force me to walk slowly. I can hear the grass sighing in anticipation as I get closer and closer to her.

She is both beautiful and angelic as her hair and cheese cloth thin dress move in rhythm to the breeze that is also affecting the swaying grass around us.

Now I am standing arms length in front of her. I have never been a part of anything as beautiful and perfect as this moment. I am now looking at her perfectly smooth skin, the deep crystal green of her eyes, her white and flawless teeth, the creamy tea color of her awesome skin, the shape of her lovely form through the sheer fabric draped over her body,  and… oh, the moment -- I feel as if I could hold my breath forever. This woman is an African goddess and she might be here for me!

This beautiful dream woman is now in my arms. She is embracing me and I am loving every second of the moments in time. Her presence, her touch, our bodies close together, the anticipation of our lips touching… I…

…awaken. All of this was only another vivid fever dream. The reality is she is still standing over there in the darkened corner, on this day three of my turning, dancing and waiting for me to complete the transformation from a warm blooded human to a cold blooded killer monster who she will use to hunt her human prey for her. And I… am still here in my malaria-like fever sickness, struggling a losing battle with the infected evil overtaking my body. We are here in this goddamn small town Texas abandoned prison cell. I don’t want this madness to overtake me, but my humanity is being forced out by forces beyond my mortal control.

I need to plead my innocence to her, my imaginary love, one more time. I must allow… myself to… succumb to the fever so that… I… can once again be with…her! That is before the blood sucking creature in the corner makes me one of her!

I’m coming… just one more time.


Monday, December 2, 2013


Attacked in the dark by an animal of unknown origin origin,
A man is infected by evil and is eventually overcome by its force.
Death, horror and sadness is the final outcome!
And he wished he had... Dead Man's Tears!



(Season 1, Episode 61)


(Seaford, Delaware)

I cannot cry because:
A dead man cannot shed tears.
My heart does not beat,
Therefore my sweat glands and tear ducts
Do not receive internal moisture.

I was once a vibrant human male named Paul Allen Peterson!
You could cut me and I would bleed red!
But now I am a cursed abomination…
A soulless thing that must commit horrible crimes,
If I am to survive the cold void call nighttime!

I am compelled to kill humans for their blood and flesh!
Then I hide in the dark shadows by day,
Like some mangy mongrel feral animal,
Warring with my social cravings to preserve my sad life.
I am a wild animal of fangs and hair to be destroyed on sight!

And if I could cry…
I would weep saline tears over my recent soul shattering loss.
I would cry because I cannot bare to continue to walk this earth…
Without my trusty companion…
My blind German Sheppard, Elmo. 

Monday night was filled with nightmare dreams of…
The time before my turning when I was a human being.
My wife was my best friend of ten years.
My three young children were my reason for living and working.
And Elmo was my friend before my family formed.

The memories kick me like a steel toed boot to my shin!
I was attacked by a feral beast monster that night three years ago.
I spent two weeks in the hospital recovering from my back wounds.
One horrible month later -- at midnight -- the first night of the new full moon,
I transformed into the horrible monster that I am today!

I murdered my family as they slept!
I ripped them all to shreds like a pack of lions at a kill!
I ran out into the darkness to kiss the feral freedom of wild nature!
My newly created animal madness was now my reality!
And Elmo followed behind me like my compatriot in animal crime!

I now have a small bit of control over my animal id.
Until the bloodlust overtakes me, I can hide away from my prey.
I don’t think I will fight for control any longer.
This dead man cannot cry away his grief, and now…
The last visage of my formal humanity has just left me!

Elmo died list night!
He was thirteen years old and I could smell the end of his life.
I am sad inside my mind for the lost of my longtime companion.
But, I cannot cry… and so, these thoughts of emotion are moot!
And the feral part of me took over again as I held him in my arms.
I slowly ate Elmo from head to tail…
Crunching away the last parts of my humanity with each bite!
I consumed every part of my canine friend…
Licking the last drops of blood off the dirty back alley concrete floor.
And with that last taste of blood went my humanity into my stomach!

I cannot cry because:
A dead man cannot shed tears.
I am now the complete monster I was turned into!
Time to turn on my newly mindless thoughts…
And prowl the midnight for my food… and quite possibly my own death!


Monday, November 25, 2013


Presented for your perusal, dear reader, another early Countdown To Horror Zero tale.
This second offering of this story is basically for the many who missed my early original posting.
I have about three more older postings to release.



(Season 1, Episode 62)

My name is Cameron Avery Brooks.
I do not talk about my personal Horrorwalker experience.
I will never repeat the things it told me.
I know that the Horrorwalker creature demands,
As usual,
For me to tell the tale it made me read from its monster tome...
A horror gift to all of you.
And so... meet Margaret Anthony of New York City.
This is really her horror tale!
I wish I knew where she is now,
And if she actually has survived her horror encounter.
But I will now tell you what I know of her life.

Here is my Horrorwalker Travel Guide Tale of her horror experience, titled:




(Harlem, New York City)


The moment is now… on a Friday in the city!

Margaret Anthony composed herself by first pulling her clothing tighter to her upper body. Then she took in a large breath of the musty Summer New York City air that was lightly swirling around her before slowly blowing it out through her pursed lips. She could taste the floating microbial impurities in the funky city air sticking onto the surface of her tongue.

“Yuck!” she whispered as she realized her regret with what she had just done to herself. 

She, again, flashed the thought inside her mind of… “Oh my god, how I wish I could scrub down this entire city with a bucket of Dawn dish detergent and a wire scrub brush!”

She took off work an hour early today. She needed to be at the place that changed her life forever at exactly a particular time. She stepped off the bus with four minutes to spare and there was the place… right over there.

Then she focused her attention to the task at hand as she peered into the misty darkness in the alley in front of her and begged in a whisper for an answer to these three questions, which she directed into the alley -- “What exactly are you? How can you possibly exist? And, why in the hell am I trying to force you to confront me? Holy Shit, what am I doing?”

She then took a hesitant step into the strange, narrow, dead end alley way -- positioned totally out of context between the drug store and the day care center -- stepping over the entrance threshold toward the darkness at the end of the enclosure. And just like before, when they grabbed her by her hair and clothing to openly and loudly and blatantly drag her into the alley, absolutely not one person on the busy street appeared to notice her situation as she stepped into the unknown surreal.

The alley was 52 steps from entrance to back brick wall. Up in the blackness above her head, somewhere up there, has to be a ceiling or a roof… because, there was not a sliver of sunlight beaming down into the alley on this warm, bright cloudless day. But, despite the blackness in front of her, she could see well enough into the strangeness to see what she hoped to find. 


She could sense that it was there… this creature residing at the far end by the brick wall, as she reached out toward it with her right hand, swiping back and forth at the heavy swirling mist that seemed to grow thicker the closer she got to the creature. 

“What in the hell am I doing?” she whispered to herself as her eyes began to focus on the enormous shadowy form standing in silence about twenty yards in front of her.

She took another step, a slow careful step, to bring herself one yard closer to the creature. She could see it better now. And, it was looking directly at her with its green feline-like eyes that seemed to glow even in this low light. She was, again as before, taken aback by the frightening mass of this… this monster. And when the creature placed its huge right arm across its chest, and silently extended five eight inch claws from all five of its digits on its dinner plate sized paw, she realized things were about to become… “real.”

She could not help but drawn in another short foul breath of mist and air. She then stood there, unmoving, before the thing in the darkness!


She stared directly into the starkly visible eyes of the creature. She carefully took a few more steps toward the creature before she lightly placed her fists on her hips, showed some attitude, and said, “Why are you threatening me? You saved my life two weeks ago, remember? You appeared from the darkness, did what horrible things you did to those dangerous thugs who dragged me into this very same alley… and then you vanished, taking their bodies with you, as suddenly and silently as you appeared. Surely, you must have known that I might try to find you?”

The creature stood there amongst the swirling gray mist and stagnant darkness, gripped in silence… unmoving and frightening.

“Hey, goddamn it! I know you’re intelligent. I know you understand what I am saying to you. Speak to me, damn you!”

The creature did not move. Its black furred clawed feet seemed to grip the asphalt as it stood there stiff as a statue. Its claws were still out.

“You’ve now revealed yourself to me,” She continued, forcing herself to be bolder. “You didn’t have to answer my call into the darkness, but you did. Now you’re threatening me? What are you going to do? Are you going to hurt me? Kill me? Eat me?”

The creature slowly and silently withdrew its claws and dropped its arm to its side. Margaret then took several more steps toward the creature, until she was close enough to touch it. Her fear was now gone. She had unconsciously dropped whatever fear might have been inside her. She was now more determined than ever to get the answers she wanted from this huge otherworldly creature.

She started to form a word with her mouth. She began to demand another question of the creature. But the creature cut her off by raising a hand toward her face and giving a quick side to side motion that unmistakably meant for her to stop it… now!

The creature then spoke. She stepped back a yard in disbelief as the creature told her in a death rattle voice that sounded like a gravelly, choking nightmare, “You will never again speak ill using the name of your deity!”

Her lower jaw literally dropped into the cleavage of her ample bosom.


They stood there for a full three minutes staring at each other. One of them could not believe what had just happened!


What else could she say in response to that intimidating declaration, other than, “I will never use God’s name in vain again.” She said those words loud enough to make sure the creature heard her response.

And then the creature actually stood up. 

Margaret is very tall at 6’1” standing on her bare feet. As it turns out, the creature was actually crouched at rest, like a feline. What was once a 6”4” creature standing over her is now an 8’3” behemoth towering over her.

“Alright now…” Margaret began to ask, looking up into the creature‘s face. “Can I ask my question of you again, in a more respectable fashion? Exactly what are you? And how can you possibly talk? I mean, I don‘t want to insult your intelligence, but… how can you possibly speak to me… and in English… and have morality that you can express to me in the form of a threat?”

“We have interacted enough tonight,” growled the creature as it took a step back to press itself against the brick wall to its rear. “Another time…” it whispered to her in a softer growl as it began to quickly fade away in the boiling mist that was suddenly thickening the alley in blinding misty grayness. Within seconds the creature was gone and the mist began to evaporate as though it was never there. The only witness to this bizarre encounter was the original city musty air and its microbial core.

She did an about face to exit the dark alley. Suddenly, as she stepped back into the now nighttime neon brightness of the city street, everything around her no longer had any relevance. She looked left down the always busy street and then looked right toward the four blocks down the street to her apartment. The flashing signs and after-hours foot traffic and the countless conversations and other human interactions no longer meant anything to Margaret. How do you go back to your normal life when you have just encountered what could be your guardian demon, or your new intimidating tormentor, or some unknown species of intelligent mammal, or maybe even some type of other worldly beast. How do you go back to your normal life?

And then it suddenly hit her… the realization that when she entered the alley the time was 4:40 PM.! A glance at the huge bank clock across street displayed a time of 11:03 PM.

“What the heck?” She whispered, remember the creature’s warning about cursing. “Where did all that time go? I thought I was only in the alley for a few minutes?” 

A quick glance at her wrist watch revealed another mystery to her. The watch had stopped working and the time was stuck at 4:40! 


It was a real struggle to get her head out of the bizarreness of the past few hours, but Margaret Anthony finally fell asleep at 4:42 AM. But before that…

She could not eat her late night snack because she was too full of energy and thoughts. At around 12:30 AM, she showered away the city grime that stuck to her body and hair, read a couple of chapters in the good graphic novel she is reading, eventually turned off the bedside lamp and slowly drifted off to sleep… to dream about a huge furry monster thing that talks to her, and goes bump in her night, and appears before her in what might be a mystical dark alley.

And what else would Margaret Anthony dream about if she would open her eyes right now to peer into the darkness of her bedroom… to stare into the reflective green eyes of the huge ebon fur covered, dark and mysterious, creature staring down at her sleeping form… standing at the foot of her bed… towering over her with the top of its head actually brushing the ceiling… both arms crossed over its chest… claws extended… watching her sleep… mulling over the type of thoughts a creature from the darkest darkness thinks about… in the darkness before the dawn arrives?


Monday, November 18, 2013


Presented for your perusal, dear reader, another early Countdown To Horror Zero tale.
This second offering of this story is basically for the many who missed my early posting.
I have about four more older postings to release.

You are about to meet a person who has an alarming encounter with The Horrorwalker.
Then, you will get to experience the Horrorwalker tale this person was forced to read.
So, check out this little tale of a very disrespectful member of the undead...
And, what happens to it for its horror folly in this tale called:
Looking For The Dirt In The Sand.


(Season 1, Episode 63)


(Holden Beach, North Carolina)

I am Perry Leroy Gore. I was traumatized by that Horrorwalker creature back in 2004. I was walking along the shore of Holden Beach attempting to allow the clean ocean breeze to blow away another week of stress from the job, and my busy life.

It was a very hot mid-summer evening. Even though the beautiful fresh breeze from off the ocean comforted me, I was well aware of the fact that it was still 92 degrees at 7:21 PM on a slowly darkening Friday evening.

The wharf was now hundreds of yards in the distance. I had walked all the way down from the edge of the wharf end up at the edge of the sandy area of the upper end of this part of the beach. I would have to climb over several yards of small boulders and grassy shoreline weeds to get to more sandy beach over there. But I had walked enough, so I decided to turn around and walk back. And as I turned around… well, there it was… standing before me in all its frightening glory.

Even though the ocean breeze whipped around me like I was in a wind tunnel, The Horrorwalker creature was not affected by the elements. I was amazed that its garments did not react to the forceful condition of the Atlantic Ocean wind. It was like... an invisible shield surrounded it.

But these facts are all semantics. What happened to me was the usual in Horrorwalker encounters. It paralyzed me where I stood... forcing me to stand there in the elements, that I no longer felt, as I read the horror story it presented to me after I took its tome into my hands. As as I would have imagined, the pages of the huge book did not flip around as the wind buffeted them. And when I was finished reading this tale, it vanished into the magical unknown right before my eyes. It was there standing before me... and then it was not!

But... there, in the dry white sand, were its footprints. And I have the proof right here inside my cell phone and my computer.

Maybe I'll talk about the nightmares I've been having since that day at a later time.

And so, here it is… a little Horrorwalker tale about a scary creature of the night.

I have never told a soul about my Horrorwalker encounter. If you are reading this diary entry… well, now you know about it. Let’s just hope something too bad hasn't happened to me because of my Horrorwalker encounter. You have found my Journal… and now you know about the story I was forced to read by The Horrorwalker, titled:


(Holden Beach, North Carolina)

Out by the Carolina seashore,
Strolling along the length of this beach.
The ocean breeze, it cleanses me...
It blows my worries through my skin.

The sparkling sand mashes between my toes.
The purity of the white sand particles looks like sugar.
The ocean is ten feet away from my steps...
How is this sand so hot and so dry where I stand?

I don't remember where I buried Richard’s body last Summer.
I thought I dug his sandy beach grave right here!
That Sunday midday was bright and full sun lit…
The brightness must have thrown my senses off by many yards.

This strange guilt has eaten away at my soul for almost a year.
I should have paid a visit to the local police by now.
But how do I convince human policemen that the man I murdered was…
In fact, a two hundred year old vampire serial killer.

Oh, I played a big part in aiding and abetting the blood feeding monster!
I covered for him as the State Police searched for the serial killer.
He threatened to eat my wife, and my mother, if I did not comply.
I hid his coffin in my basement for eleven months… before the incident!

I had quickly returned home from the mandatory business convention in Raleigh!
He told me he would never attack my family as long as I complied!
I made a midday return to a dead quiet home -- and I knew horror had struck!
Bursting into my bedroom, there was Angelica -- throat ripped out, drained of blood!

The evil was now transferred into my soul!
Murder was now the only ambition in my heart!
I went out back, found my hatchet, hacked off two oak branches and made my stakes!
My first task was to go back into my bedroom to say goodbye to my love.

I cried like a baby as I drove the fresh stake deep through her heart!
I was appalled as the bloodless tip of the oak wood pierced through her back.
I gently rolled her up in the floor rug…
Before carrying her to the trunk of my automobile.

The door of the basement was unlocked from the inside.
I walked down the twenty steps with purpose of mind and hatred of heart.
And there in the corner, in full arrogant display, was the closed coffin!
I truly expected the monster to have moved the coffin to another site!

There was no hesitation in my purpose of what needed to be done!
I pulled the shades off all the windows to let the bright sunlight inside the room.
I walked over to the coffin to snatch the lid open to reveal the monster inside.
He immediately began to burn as the solar rays began to cleanse the evil!

Ah, the pain awoke him from his undead horror slumber!
And I placed the stake over his heart, as he weakly grabbed my left arm!
“You are going to die right now!” I screamed as I brought the hatchet butt down!
And I struck the stake twenty times before I was finished exorcizing my demon!

The body continued to burn and crumble until there was only dust left in the coffin.
I scooped the contents into a Mason Jar and tightened the lid with a pipe wrench.
I ripped the bedding away from the coffin wood and stuffed that into a plastic bag.
And minutes later I was driving down to this remote stretch of Holden Beach!

And now, I am walking along the beautiful sand.
The monstrous Atlantic Ocean is roaring off to my left.
The beautiful coastal Carolina shore is on my right.
And somewhere below my feet is the buried contents of my wife and her murderer!

When I drive the six miles back home… I will be vexed even more.
The coffin of the monster I murdered is still in my basement.
The undead ones who he allowed to survive the turning…
They are homing in to the evil in the wood of the coffin!

I have killed six more of his vampire monsters.
They approach me unknown of my knowledge and my deeds.
The call of their master is an attraction they apparently cannot resist!
And when they find their way all the way down here to me -- they will die!

I am complicit in all this horror!
I should have been a man from the first time I met Richard.
I was weak to allow his threats to frighten me into compliance…
It now behooves me to be the serial killer -- of his vampire undead legacy!

I am Perry Leroy Gore!
I harbor dark secrets that should drive me insane!
I really only have one purpose left in this crazy life…
Bury Mason Jars of vampire undead ash under this white beach sand.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Diary Entry #73


Loyd Oscar Derrickson might be an old man, now.
But, what does that have to do with enacting revenge?
Out here in the wild country of America,
Everybody is a little unhinged and ready to attack.
There was a confrontation in a parking lot...
Somebody underestimated the other person...
Death hovered over the incident and followed one of them home.
For the survivor,
The end result of this incident was... Diary Entry #73!


(Season 1, Episode 64)


(Wolf Point, Montana)


     This blood and pieces of brain on my hands and clothing are now three hours old, cold, and crusty. The baseball bat is still smeared with the blood and hair and other bodily flesh of this piece of shit asshole. I’ve still not decided what I’m going to do about this present situation I am now in. Should I call the cops so they can discover this horror scene? That would truly be the final indignity for this piece of dead garbage. Or, should I just walk out the back door and let the eventual stink alert the neighborhood of this carnage.
     Carnage -- I like that word!
     And, it’s too bad about the wife and the child! They shouldn’t have been home!
     I remember all too well how this mess got started. The day before yesterday, I was sitting in the parking lot of the electronics store minding my own goddamn business, when…


     I said, peering through my open passenger side window. “Hey, man… you over there in the blue car! Excuse me, over there. You just slammed my car with your door. Are you going to just walk away? What the hell?”
    You shot back a full of attitude, “What?”
     I again informed you, “You just slammed your door into the side of my car!”
    You answered with, “Hey, fuck you!”
    By now I had walked around to the side of my car and was looking directly at the three inch long dent. “Look. Look right there. Do you see that fresh damage? You did that just now!”
    “I think you’re bugging out over nothing, old man. It’s just a goddamn car. I think you better get a grip on yourself, old man, and get the hell out of my face before I fuck-you-up!”
    “Yea…?” I said that word with incredulous bile dripping off of it.
    “Yes! You know that scar was already on your car, man. I think you’re trying to shit me. I think you’re crazy!”
    “Crazy, oh yea… you don’t know crazy! I’ll show you crazy, after you give me your insurance information so that I can get this dent fixed.”
    “You’re one crazy old dude, man. I mean, like, who the hell are you… the devil? And how did you suddenly get into my life? Here we are standing in this parking lot talking this bullshit -- you telling me I owe you money and me getting ready to kick your ass! Is there any sense to this scene?”
    “Yea…!” I answered, about to end this little hitch in time. “There is some sense to this scene. The sense is you paying for this damage.”
    “Look, man. I’m getting the hell out of here. Take down my license number if you want. I don’t give a fuck. But I warn you, if you call the cops about this little shit and they come snooping around my house asking about this bullshit I’ll come find your sorry ass and beat the hell out of you. Remember, I have your license number, too.”
    “I’m out of here, ass! Oh, and fuck you!”
    And with that last statement, you left the parking lot, flipping me the bird on your way into the store. 
    Oh, you thought you brushed off the matter, didn’t you? Well, just like you declared that you could find me if you had to… guess what? I could, and did, find you just as easily. And now you are one dead motherfucker.


    Who is the crazy one? Is it you, for being dead… or me for having made you dead? I don’t care. You’re gone and I am free to continue on with this life of mine.
     I think I’ll let our neighbors have their fun when they discover your decomposing body later this week. Oh, and I’ll just fix my own goddamn car door myself! 
     Thanks for nothing, but the satisfaction of killing you!


    It’s time to go home and prepare for DIARY ENTRY # 74!


Monday, November 4, 2013


Hello horror friends,
As much as I wanted to put The Countdown To Horror Zero behind me,
I cannot... because I am actually not finished with this blog.

There are a few early Countdown To Horror Zero tales that need more exposure.
So, over the next few months, I will post about five of the early tales...
Just to say I did.

And then,
As a part of my original vision for this horror blog,
I need to post a final tale with the title of "Countdown To Horror Zero!"
The last tale I posted... as a final tale... was a minor masterpiece of horror,
In my mind,
But it was not my original intended tale to end this blog.

So, a few months from now I will show up with that final tale to properly end this blog.
In the meantime,
I hope you will give these next few tales another look-see...
And feel the horror all over again...
For the first time.

Presenting again:

Bite To The Back Of The Neck!


(Season 1, Episode 65)

- Herndon, Virginia -

I am walking through the woods alone that night.
Looking back two hours earlier…
I couldn't sleep because I was too agitated.
I decided to take a stroll through the nature trail behind my apartment.

This was a cool and crisp November night!
The moon was high and bright and full of power.
It was as bright as a 60 watt light bulb trying to be 100 watts.
I needed to be outside in that glow because things were about to happen.

As is the wont of my ancient curse --
I was driven out into stark nature…
To breath in the scents of the wilds of the past…
And release the thing that is always haunting my nightmares.

And as I bathed deep in the bright moonlight…
It caused everything around me to glow in moon warmth perception.
The silvery moon was full now!
My reality was about to revert to animal ferocity.

I am soon transformed into a dark and evil creature of the night!
My new form was now twice the mass of my former self.
My clothing lay in shreds and scattered at my bare feet…
Ripped and torn by the beast of the full moon.

As is usual,
When the early winter moon is full and high,
And my internal animal from hell emerges to run wild and feral --
The target was a deer to rip to shreds to release the evil desire!

But tonight… I heard something off to the left side of the area.
Something was trotting toward me along the trail.
The beast began to salivate as the kill neared.
It already realized that the prey was not a deer!

It was a human jogging along the trail at this ungodly hour!
The scent already identified the human as a female!
And the beast was already tearing her apart before I could stop it!
Stop it I did… but the damage was already done!

I took control and stopped the kill.
I gained control, again, as the horror unfolded before me.
The bite to the back of the neck would have been the fatal act!
I stopped the monster from killing another human!

I left her there to bleed and suffer in the leaves and grass.
She would survive the attack…
She is now turned and her blood is now that of the mystic devil wolf.
She will now become that which is hated by gods and other devils!

Those vile acts occurred one full moon cycle ago.
Tonight’s new full moon has again brought out the werewolf.
The hunt is about to begin anew!
But this time… I will not hunt alone!

Her scent is the same as before…
But this time mixed in with the feral musky full moon effect!
She is tentative as she stealthily approaches my moon lit position!
That will soon change as we begin to hunt our prey as a pair!