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Monday, July 14, 2014


(Season 2, Episode 40)

(Fans of Horrorwalker horror, 
this is the last episode of season 2 of THE COUNTDOWN TO HORROR ZERO.
We have three more seasons to go,
with 13 episodes per season to experience before the season finale --

This horror will take a break for a couple of weeks to recharge the horror!
It is a real workout for the brain to bring you this much free horror content.
There are many other Horrorwalker World horror outlets that will continue to produce horror.
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See you back here in a few weeks!
And now... check out the tale of one:


A Slightly Reworked Blast From The Past Horrorwalker Travel Guide Tale:


(Washington, DC)
Pat Cadman’s Journal Entry -- 198

The beautiful, but frightening, moonlight moth is once again fluttering its huge blue/silver and black wings against my bedroom window. It is Saturday night now and I have observed this odd behavior every night at the midnight hour for three weeks straight.
During the work week, I always arrive home around the usual 8:00 PM night time hour. As usual, I head straight for the shower, afterward I then fix myself a light dinner before relaxing to a good book.
Or, spending some time with a favorite record album.
Or, putting in a bit more of the ol’ flirting time with Paula over the telephone.
Or, attempt to spend an hour watching my favorite late night talk show before trying to fall asleep.

Every cold night now, in the middle of the television show, this strange creature shows up at my window and throws its presumably soft body against my window as if it is trying to get inside my bedroom. The truly odd thing about this behavior is this: I know moths are attracted to bright incandescent light bulbs. They will fly to a flaming death to get at a high heat light bulb.

Every kid learns this insect fact at a early age.

This moth... this huge bird sized moth... is the exception to the rule, as I know it. Even if my lights are out and the room is dark, this creature still continues to hurl itself at my window. And, the crazy thing is… it is now the middle of January.

And there is an inch of snow on the ground. And this bit of bizarre weirdness is happening right here in the middle of winter cold Washington, DC!


I've thought about opening my window to capture it, but I don't think so. I've heard, and read, about the recent increase of HORRORWALKER appearances across the USA and all of the weird horror themed speculation its appearances has generated. A lot of people are now in a minor 'the world is coming to an end' panic mode. I don't know what in the heck a bird sized moth bouncing off my window means, but I think I prefer to stay ignorant for now… hopefully ignorant forever.

But I don’t know about this bit of strangeness. It just cannot possible that a creature of the spring and the summer can resist the freezing D.C. winter weather assault. This creature’s presence means something. I just don’t want to know what it is.

Still wondering, though… the temperature outside my window is 29 degrees. How is what I am witnessing possible? How can this bizarre behavior be reality? How can this creature’s presence be reality? I don't know that answer. But this I do know… I'm going to close my curtains again, climb back into my bed, pull my quilt high up over my head and jam these foam, sound proof, ear plugs deep inside my ear canal before I fall asleep.

I'll check outside the window, still again, before I leave in the morning. Every morning I expect to find the creature lying on the ground, covered with a dusting of snow, frozen to death. So far… no luck.

OK, this is the end of tonight's journal entry before I ....!

What the hell? That's the sound of glass cracking in the bedroom, damn it! I'll have to finish this journal entry later.

God... why me.. why tonight, damn it! And as I place this pen down on the table, I see a large black shadow, powered by the bright moonlight shining through the window into my darkened room, casting a large silhouette from the room into the hallway.

What the hell is that?

And why have I just lost control of my body. Whatever is creating that eldritch shadow is compelling me to come to it... inside my own bedroom!

        Oh hell, this is going to be a long night!


Monday, July 7, 2014


 (Season 2, Episode 41)

a horrorwalker travel guide non-fiction tale:

The Horrorwalker does not have to pay me a visit in order for me to appreciate this bit of personal Horrorwalker reality horror!


(Herndon, Virginia)
9-29-12, ‏‎2:01:01 AM

I'm sitting at my desk writing another scathing political rant against the racist, retro leaning Republican party. I'm full of fire as I an obsessing over Mitt Romney’s recent arrogant 47% of America comments. I was fully committed to what I was typing and was oblivious to my surroundings at the moment.

I suddenly felt something light touch down on the top of my bald head. Then I felt it move a little. I was of course startled and panicked as I looked up above my head at the white ceiling of my den which is about six feet above my head. I then had to physically fight the urge to put my hands on my head to feel what was up there.

I stood up and slowly made my way just down the hallway to the bathroom. I carefully reached inside the door and flipped the switch to the up position to turn on the bright lights. I cautiously approached the mirror and saw that the black thing that was resting on my head was the biggest goddamn spider I had ever seen in my freaking life.

‘Holy Hell!’ I whispered in gut wrenching apprehension of making a move to get the rather large creature off my head.

It just stood there, pressed close to my scalp… unmoving! What in the hell was I going to do? I didn't want this hand sized creature, actually the side of a half dollar piece, biting me on my goddamn scalp!


Then I got the brilliant notion to do something to remove this nightmare creature, that would probably be situation comedy funny, if this was not a real-life “life or death” situation!

I turned on my shower. I plugged the drain. I warmed the water a little. I then got down on my knees, pushed back my shower curtain and without hesitation jammed my head and upper torso into the medium force level stream of water. I left my head under the water for a few seconds before I slowly withdrew my drenched upper body and approached my mirror again.

Ah ha, goddamn it! The spider was off my head. I was already toweling off as I turned toward the shower to turn off the water, fully expecting to see the spider dead and floating in the warm water slowly filling the tub. But, much to my horror… there it was… struggling to climb out of the water, up the side of the tub. It was obviously a survivor,
I thought, as I watch it move about. And then my mind came to clarity and I regained my senses… realizing that in actuality I always claim that I am not afraid of spiders. I never want to meet a Black Widow or a Brown Recluse, but I really keep my emotions under control when I see spiders.

And so, I reached down and pulled the plug out of the tub. The water quickly drained into oblivion. The spider stopped struggling and was now just sitting there… like it was waiting for me to make the next non-panicked move.

No more panic.


Ten minutes later, the spider and I are parting ways. I swept it onto my dust pan and took it outside to the front yard. I walked it, in the darkness of the midnight hour of night, out to the edge of the yard, hopefully far enough away to prevent another human head/spider encounter in the near future.

All that crazy, and in the end… the spider lives to see another morning and I can go back to writing my horror stories. The caveat of my life now is, even though I often creep myself out when I write my Horrorwalker tales, now I have a creepy crawly scalp to always remind me that a little bit of real horror is always one second away from us all in real life.

Wait for it… wait for it… creepy horror can happen to you, too.