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Monday, January 26, 2015


They fell into a dangerous, forbidden, obscene order of love!
Victoria... immortal, feral and untrustworthy!
Romaine... mortal, prey and absolutely smitten in love!
Tragedy is the only final outcome for this unholy union!
The final question for the survivor is...
How much pain will be inflicted to the one during the moments of death?


(Season 4, Episode 23)


(Wilmington, North Carolina)

You know,
I wanted to be so cool…
When I stood there before you. 

I wanted to be a strong man,
To impresses with my brio…
You must have known that.

I wanted to be the man who takes control of his fear,
As I faced you under the midnight stars and the bright moon…
To force of my feelings for you to be known.

And you, in control, without a word being spoken,
I know what you wanted…
You want wanted me to realize that my blood now belonged to you.

My soul stayed warm because you were near me,
I want you to know that I saw clearly now…
Because you are now in my life to show me the way to give you more life. 

I wanted to show you what it is like to be a man, 
In love with the death that is you and what you need…
To show you that, by being loyal, even as you revealed your sharp canines.

I thank you for the promise you made to me,
To behead me after you have drained me of all my life elixir…
Preventing me from rebirth as the undead being you have been for centuries.

We are of different times, you and I,
And I would be driven mad with having to live like you…
So, for respect of all that is my life right now, kill me please after your fill!

You are the most beautiful creature I have ever know,
It is too bad that I age and you do not…
And death has finally caught me by the neck to leave you alone, again.

Remember, after my death, there can be another like me,
Who will understand that, with the help of a human, you do not have to be monstrous…
I beg of you to at least try to find another man to help you.

Always remember the lessons we have learned together,
Especially what motivates a man to overcome the fear of death, to obtain…
Your beauty... it will always provide that motivation… for good or evil!

OK, my sweet siren from ancient times,
I feel myself slipping away from you right now… do what you must do to me…
And please, always remember the 60 great years of arcane adventures we had together!


Monday, January 19, 2015


Horror, in reality, is far more horrible than horror.. in literature!


(Season 4, Episode 24)

(Chicago, Illinois)

Your dozing eyes blinked...
For just a fraction of a second.
In a whisper quiet moment of time,
Feather light and wispy... on this warm springtime evening,
Invisible death silently grazed your temple!
Lifelessness passed by your face like a windswept mote of dust.

Few thoughts passed through your mind,
During that short moment of time.
It happened so fast... like a flash of light in your face...
A surreal numbing surprise unexpected!
You touch the trickle of blood oozing down your right cheek...
The result of another unknown origin,  pointless, flesh eviscerating stray bullet.

As usual, you heard no sound come from the darkening streets.
Where was the explosion lingering just behind the preceding stray bullet?
It does not matter, in the end, it is just another piece of stray lead.
Some people describe these mean streets as the terror zone!
Some people describe these mean streets as the horror zone!
Whatever they call it, they will... but, you call this place home!

As sad as it is to say,
Only the murder of a person brings the cops out here.
And if that person is white... then the news crews follow to describe the horror zone!
But, it is all about the guns and the bullets and the terror caused by their presence.
And what is it really to call in a gunshot wound?
Perhaps, you might a cop to come into this hood for something as simple as that.

So, you get up and go inside to attend to your wound in obscurity.
You now have another bullet slice inches away from your right eye.
This new wound matches all the other scars on your face from this harsh life.
It is a hard life, living in this deep city patch of a disenfranchised neighborhood.
And all you wanted to do was sit down and chill on your front porch.
That is, until the next stray bullet sends you back inside again to tend to your own wounds!


Monday, January 12, 2015


(Martha, this note is tragic! 
I have never told you these words and thoughts about me. 
I have tried to protect you from forces that will never stop torturing me. 
And now, tonight, I will end this which you know not of. 
Tell the children I love them. 
I love you. 
Sometimes the horrors of life must be destroyed or they will haunt you forever. 
My forever ends tonight. 
You will never see me again because what I am about to do are the acts of a man who has been Driven to being a madman. 
Keep this note to yourself,
Or share it with the world...
To tell the world about me... 
The man you knew before tonight...
And the man you will know of after this night

This other piece of paper has all the numbers for two secret bank accounts.
They have always been yours...
I always knew this day would come and you would need money!
It is all honest money...
The bank can verify that for you.

Don’t look for me in heaven because I might end up in hell!


(Season 4, Episode 25)

(Loudoun County, VA)

I have grown into a revenge monster over the years of what feels like, to me, to be a very long and a very stepped upon life. I have learned, by way of a lot of sleazy people sliding in and out of my life, that instead of continuing to take shit from these people who have never had any real interest in developing my self-interests in mind... and holding it inside of me until it degrades my own soul... that I should take life’s shit that is thrown at me... and make it into a weapon of their own destruction.

I have been forced, by way of continually having to defend myself from the people in my life who target me, to become a strongman bully killer... inside my own mind. I have learned how to process their sleezy actions, like pressing them through an alchemy machine, and convert them into my personal revenge energy. I then, in my mind, violently give it back with extreme prejudice. It is well placed energy that goes their way... right between their eyes.

I have actually, secretly, become quite the marksman! That part of my revenge fantasy, I made a reality.

Hot lead projectiles through paper proxy-human targets is the best revenge of all! That is the way it should have always been... in real life!

They, who have tortured me for decades, all need to remember this bit of info about me that they do not suspect... I am just enacting my revenge... for, they started this BULLSHIT when they took it upon themselves to become a link in the problem when we were children! What they did when they decided to enter the bully fray was make themselves a target of the caveats of revenge. It is about time somebody taught them that victims can turn the tables, too.

Who are they? Oh, how about the bullies from elementary school... the ones who continued to terrorize the population of me right through middle school right into the high school years.

The extra torturers who have faded into the darkness of life, and are no longer creating their torturous chaos, are mostly forgotten to me... mostly. But there are some of them... they have continued their actions... and we are all twenty years removed from high school immaturity... and they continue to prank and torture people... like me!

The continual insults about my size... the many times of bleaching my clothing while it is still on my body... the many flattening of my tires on my cars... pouring sugar into my gas tank two times... setting my mail box on fire... terrorizing my kids on that field trip... prank calling my wife into thinking someone had killed me... and more and more shit... until they finally crossed the line when they started the fire out in the back of my house that destroyed by tool shed with my kid’s old toys and their boxed-up books and my wife’s wedding dress and all of the  photographs of my life! These crimes are just the tip of the terror inflicted upon me over the years.

And since the local police, including the Sheriff himself, have refused to help me, beyond the lame promises of investigation, I have decided that the time for the tide to turn toward them is tonight.

I have practically dreamed that this night would come to me... for a lifetime! And tonight, changes are coming!

It is now midnight and everybody else is asleep in my household. I am standing here before my work table and I have oiled and cleaned all of the tools for the bloodshed of tonight. Let me see... this hunting knife is for Sherry, this baseball bat is for Paul, the Glock is for the ring leader of the bullies, Martin... our esteemed Sheriff , the sword is for the Anderson twins, the chloroform is for...

Oh, I can taste the upcoming horrors on the back of my tongue like chips of iron in my mouth. Wait a minute... that is the iron from the blood inside my mouth that I am tasting! I have just bitten into my tongue with excitement.

It is time to enact the caveats of revenge!


Monday, January 5, 2015


I have just smelled the fantastic smells of wonderfully prepared foods.
Those scents spell my doom.
And now, I am... AWAKE!


(Season 4, Episode 26)

(Seattle, Washington)

“What the hell?” These are the only words I could mutter as I awakened to find myself confined in a dark, cold and extremely tight space. I was lying on my back and I could not lift my arms and my head because I was only mere inches away from touching the sides of my suffocating enclosure.

My nose could smell the delicious, but out of place scents and aromas of something extremely familiar to me on the other side of the walls of my enclosure. At the time, I never imagined the why’s of how I could smell all that scent through the walls that bound me, but I could.

In fact... I could not realize at that moment that I was actually, in horrific effect, being sort of cocooned -- incubated and transformed -- into something that just might be raw, feral and about to meet pure evil!

This was happening right now... and I could feel the cells of my body twisting and shifting and transforming into something not human as some kind of strange change in me was happening.

‘Oh, I remember something now,’ I whispered through lips that could barely form the quiet words. I suddenly remembered how this madness began. It began with my initial introduction to... Mary Sullivan... she is the culprit. It is because of her that I am now in this place. She did this to me.

We were on our first dinner date. She had invited me to her home to test the new eggplant lasagna recipe she said her grandmother gave to her years ago. I was ecstatic when she invited me over to her place with the lure of what sounded like dinner heaven. She is beautiful and what man would not have been flattered to have this tall, red headed beauty invite you over to her place for dinner. I felt like I was the luckiest man in Seattle.

This was happening on an unusually warm late October night, for this part of the country. The city had not experienced any rain for three days straight and I thought we were lucky to have this date under the exposed stars, without cold Fall air forcing us to wrap up in sweaters and coats.
A 70 degree day in Seattle... in October... now 66 degrees at 7:20 PM... and on a dinner date with a woman with goddess good looks? ...Perfection!

I still don’t remember how we first met. I do remember that I was in the Book Nook looking for a particular hardback of some sort. I don’t remember the name of that book, either. But, I do remember that this Mom and Pop bookstore is my favorite hangout... and somehow, she was there.

I remember, like my movements are in a fuzzy dream, that we spoke to each other for a short time and then I just turned away from her and walked out of the book store and headed down the block to my apartment. I was walking back home, and why I was doing this was a faint memory that compelled my movements, to shower and change cloths for the dinner invitation of  later in the evening.

I faintly remember telling her about some of the trivial things about my life. And that is all I can definitively dredge up from my mind.

I never dwelled upon the whys of why I talked about my life to a stranger.

And so, eventually, I end up at her front door without a clue as to how I knew where she lived. Another piece of the time inside my mind had vanished, just before I found myself invited inside by her and then sitting on her couch in her apartment.

I don’t remember what her apartment looks like. I don’t remember if she had music playing. I don’t remember the smell of food cooking and I never imagined that any of this was insane.

Now, I do remember her leading me to that couch... the blood red couch... and then she leaned toward me and kissed me on the lips. And everything began to spin around me like I was sitting on a fast moving playground MARY-GO-ROUND.

And when she  bit me on my neck... just a little shiver inducing nip... I thought I was about to get to know her in a way I could only imagine in my most vivid midnight dreams. But, that was not going to happen as the world suddenly went black around me.

And then I passed out cold!

And now... how much time has passed since I lost touch with the time? All I know is, I am here in this darkness... in this silence... and I am as lost of memory as the day I left the book store.

But then, sound suddenly clanked into my ears. I heard voices outside of the darkness of my tome. And I came to focus my orientation of the noise and realized that the voices and sounds surrounded me... and they were very close.

Then, the top of my tome lifted up into the air. Many hands were grabbing the lid as it was moved off to the left side of my position on my back. I was now paralyzed... I could not move a finger, but my eyes worked perfectly.

And then I suddenly realized what I wan smelling through the walls of my tome -- the heavenly scent of freshly cooked Eggplant Lasagna pouring into my the space of my capture.

The suddenly vivid horror of everything became clear and evident of what was happening here when Mary Sullivan looked over the right side of my tome. With a big smile on her face she looked directly into my eyes and licked her lips in gleeful anticipation as she took her large carving knife and cut a hefty slice of meat away from the right upper leg of my naked body. She took that piece of my body and happily handed it to someone to her left side.

As she carved more pieces from my completely numb body, I was so stunned that I could not scream inside my mind. This shit was simply so perfectly horrific that all I could do was stare up at the many sparkling lights of the tinkling chandelier directly above my head.

I did manage a mental laugh when someone from the right side told Mary Sullivan that, “Indeed, Mary, Eggplant Lasagna does go excellently with human flesh and a Melbec Wine. Bravo, my dear chef... bravo.”

‘Fuck you, man!’ I screamed at him in silence. ‘I hope you choke on me! And Mary Sullivan... you have to have a special place in hell waiting for you. What the hell?’