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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Sublime communities exist on the outer twilight fringes of humanity.
They are supernatural communities that operate invisible in daylight,
And unseen in the midnight moonlight.
Some are benevolent,
Some are malevolent.,
All are exceedingly wary of fickle humans...
They who have a history of turning on them without a moment's notice.

Here is an introduction to one such community.
They fear humans less because they are dependent on them for food.
Read on, and get introduced to...
Vampire Logic!


(Season 5, Episode 9)

Dear Reader:
    Welcome to the beginning of the first book of six volumes of...
Vampire Logic.

     Please to allow me an introduction of myself. 
I am Ivan P. Romanov. 
I am a collector of prose and poetry created by a particular type of author. 
My clients and “acquaintances,” 
The ones that have provided me with examples of their work
Are extremely private persons and will only speak through me. 
Some do not even speak English.

I am an integral part of this private group, and so...
I speak through my intermediary -- Ronald Lee Jones,
The curator of the Horrorwalker World story blog site.
     My fellow authors,
And I,
Are all students and consumers and creators of the vampire genre of literature.
We spend much of our waking nighttime hours researching vampire logic and lore.
We exist to bring vampire knowledge and truth to the forefront of modern understanding.
We take vampire stories,
And vampire poetry,
And seek to expand upon what you think you know...
And what we have discovered as truth...
Vampire Logic!

     Some of our writers write because of a need to vent their emotions.
Some of our writers have submitted their pieces to justify their past and present behavior.
Others need to tell you why you should fear and respect Vampire Logic.

All of our writers feel the need to tell you why the vampire existence is a tortured existence,
At best.
     This is uncensored and uncut vampire logic!
Our writers put their thoughts on parchment...
And we present their words to you as you are meant to receive them.
The chill you feel in your spine,
As you read Vampire Logic stories
Is the influence moody blood vampire tales have on your soul.

     If you have any questions about what you are about to read,
You may contact me through Master Ronald Lee Jones.
Due to my particular line of “work” I can only be contacted during the dark hours between dusk to dawn. Intriguing tidbit of personal information,
Would you not say?
Master Jones knows of all the personal particulars.
Please to enjoy the fear and uneasiness you will experience as a fan of this horror genre!
For your perusal and consideration,
Are a few examples of the vampire stories --
From out of thousands of pieces of individual work --
From the minds of the men and women who discover and create --
Vampire Logic! 

Remember to take careful heed to what you read in Vampire Logic.
Stories that warn you about the folly of your foolishness,
And ignorance,
Are learning tools for you to prevent your own horribly painful demise.
But, I am digressing.
Look for Vampire Logic very soon...
And remember the fact that I am writing these words for your horror education!
I will see you sooner than later.
Goodnight, for now.


Monday, May 18, 2015


Everybody has a breaking point.
For some, it comes later than sooner.
Oh well,
Better Late Than Never!


(Season 5, Episode 10)


(Boston, Massachusetts)

Have you ever had a deal with a certain type of person,
You know the kind… a person who you learn to hate over time!
Be it particularly someone who solidly believes that he is…
Delusionally... in an authoritative position above you.
He tells you in no uncertain terms that you are a worthless freak?

Have you been the brunt of untold years of cruel workplace hazing?
Have you ever been cock-teased by mean women as cruel as lecherous men?
If your answer is a resounding yes to one of these questions,
Actually to both of these questions,
You should heed these words of warning before you strike back!

If you don’t watch your own ass by measure of your own aggression,
You will be consumed by the same sorry backstabbing dicks…
Standing around in and out of the shadows of your life…
Waiting for their chance to pick you apart.
Stand tall and true to your inner terror nature... to defend yourself!
Tell them all in a whisper to wait just a minute while you gather your “stuff!”

You should openly feel like you have the right to turn the table on them.
Why did you ever allow it to get this bad in the first place?
They didn’t even really know just who you are, anyway.
And when you were pushed to the breaking point…
When you had finally had enough of all the pressure and bullshit…
It was too late to go back to the abuser for some more nonsense.

And after you’ve killed them all in a rage induced psychotic break,
And buried their bodies in shallow graves in the park,
You will then realize your true inner potential.
It is empowering to strangle the bitch who scorned you!
It was giddy fun to behead your annoying co-workers.
And, eviscerating your bastard boss was evil fun!

The cops are now sniffing hard core on your trail…
As they track you across the horror filled countryside!
You smile as you stare glass eyed at the still bloody ax in your hands.
And smile the smile of the unhinged deranged bully victim!
And you bathe in the warm, sweet sensation created by this question:
“Why didn’t I start killing all my bullies in middle school?”


Monday, May 11, 2015


A horror hell on earth...
Crossroads Correctional Center...
A place a father doesn't want his child to ever be trapped inside.
In order to present an intervention,
The father gives the son a few words about the horror of...
All Kinds Of Hell!


(Season 5, Episode 11)


(Cameron, Missouri)

Anton, your word game is as disposable as a dry peach pit,
Because your sorry street rap is so full of bullshit!
Your sincerity is tired, juvenile and oh so very lame,
Like your sorry attitude is simple worthless blame.

You say you're a gangster and a thug ­-
Because of the oppression by 'the man.'
I view you as a pitiful, lost little bug!
You're only 16, with your head deep in the sand.

No one has oppressed you, stupid ass!
You live in the land of the blame game.
Your problem is you've been given a blank pass.
You are a spoiled brat without any aim.

Talk to your learned brothers and learn something!
Breath some fresh air and get rid of the idiot 'bling.'
Shed the false ignorance and get your ass back in school!
You can't swim… and you are drowning in life's deep pool!

You’re nowhere near to being a man, as of yet.
You’re flittering around… about to be a stupid fly caught in a dangerous net.
Home is where your game should be honed.
These streets will only get you battered and stoned.

So, be one of the hundreds who becomes enlightened by releasing the street rope.
You’ve tasted the street dope, you’ve smelled the dope, you’ve been a dope.
The dark molten horror you will face as an alternate reality of the continued actions you steer?
Life inside the hellhole of a prison that I, your dad, fights through every goddamn year!


Monday, May 4, 2015



Here it continues... the last 13 episodes of this series!
Here, in season 5, begins the 13 week countdown to the final horror tale --

Let the horror begin anew...

For all of the cat lovers out there,
Here is a little horror missive with sensitive whiskers!
It is about what your cat does...
In The Deepest Part Of The Night!


(Season 5, Episode 12)


(Falls Church, Virginia)

You are Carly Masterson and you have drifted away from reality via your dreams again.
Your stunning feline with feather light paws sits between your breasts in focused Zen.
She is staring directly into your face with eyes glowing green as backlit jade from Spain.
She is obviously waiting for something profound... something in need of a little pain.

In the darkest part of the night,
When the little ebony things that fear the light
Come out from beneath your sleeping site...
They crawl silently into your brain to observe your life light.

And if you are strong enough, on this night,
They simply crawl back into hiding to avoid the morning light.
But if your life force is weak and lacks the might...
They steal a part of your soul to use it for the return flight!

They will flutter around your abode like little rabid vampire bats,
Hovering above you awaiting the clues, like stealthy rats.
And if you are weak enough on that night of bad stats...
Your soul will be taken to the land of death and blood and gnats.

If you are a follower of the Horrorwalker horror and you fear not death or hell,
Then you welcome the challenge of the battle for your soul to tell.
You've got until the sun rises for the creatures to return to their dell...
To force the little imps to stop chasing you like a wind blown sail!

Oh, you will make them return your inner id.
You claw and fight, striking with your sharpened fid!
You remember it all as that "recurring stupid dream," kid...
But you know, don't you, it's all too real, god forbid!

In the darkest part of the night comes hellish things bent on your destruction.
They climb out of your mind to make real your horrible deconstruction.
If you survive another night of monstrous evil purposed with your life’s reduction...
Maybe you can lift your soul out of this supernaturally aggressive life’s abduction.

You toss and you turn in your bed again, this early darkened dawn.
You have battled the dark creatures in your dreams and you can see your green lawn.
Another embattled night has passed and you are almost home where you are drawn.
You are almost back inside your body again to escape the place to where you had gone.

And as always, upon your chest sits your trusted Siamese cat, Tab.
She stares at your nose awaiting your breath to return for her to grab.
She knows, by primal born instincts, from you what her claws must jab.
She will save you, again, as she kills the monsters upon your breath she will grab.


Carly will be greatly disturbed again when she awakens with her cat by her side.
She will come back to the day with blood all over her chest, again.
As usual, she will not be able to discern where the blood comes from.
She will again turn to her best friend, who is cleaning its reddened paws, for comfort in her time of need.