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Monday, October 27, 2014


The Horrorwalker Travel Guide Presents:

Another Horrorwalker World horror poem,
 Number 8 of 13...
Of season 3 of...
The Countdown To Horror Zero!

There are 5 more horror poems to be presented in the next 5 weeks of this season...
Before season 4 and then season 5 arrives with their horror prose format.
But for now...
Here is another example of the horror in this Horrorwalker World!
Read with caution...


Season 3, Episode 32

(Dallas, Texas)

There is a morality dealing crack in the earth!
A poisonous white power spews out of the fissure!
Mixed with fire, the crack in the earth becomes death smoke ­-
The smoke in your lungs!

There is the opiate of the old world masses that has dulled the senses of civilizations! 
It oozes from a flower too beautiful to be so evil.
Mixed with fire, the sticky tar becomes sweet, sweet death smoke ­--
The smoke in your lungs!

There is a horse that stomps men to death from the inside out! 
This chemical stallion smashes veins with needle sharp hoofs! 
Mixed with fire, the galloping horse becomes death smoke ­-- 
The smoke in your lungs!

There is laboratory in the house down the street called -- Meth lab! 
The technicians there cook a flesh melting brew most pervasive!
Mixed with fire, the frighteningly powerful brew becomes death smoke ­-- 
The smoke in your lungs!

There is the other plant that formally fueled the southern USA!
It has leaves favored by the horn worm and the human being! 
Mixed with fire, it becomes the most desired hated death smoke --
The smoke in your lungs!

There is the hemp that is rope that is the clothing that is the basket.
It has the leaves permeated with the substance that takes you there.
Mixed with fire, it becomes the food for the eyes and nausea… death smoke ­--
The smoke in your lungs!

There is a heavy moral to this story of smoke and damage!
It is here for you to find as you take yourself to the answer.
Mixed with fire, you can turn it away or smoke it away… as death smoke -- 
The smoke in your lungs!


Monday, October 20, 2014


(Season 3, Episode 33)

A man lives his time on earth to what,
To him,
Is the fullest of his life.
But when the party stops...
Someone has to pay the price!


(Olney, Maryland)

Face the fact, Mario Jones...
Of a life lived, so very pessimistic...
No one escapes the tidal wave of self-destruction...
Leading to them having to face the ghost of their terrible past!

The drinking destroyed your liver.
The drinking laid waste to your dignity.
The drinking eroded your once good looks.
The drinking melted your equilibrium.

The crack depleted your bank account!
The crack transformed you into a raging thief!
The crack turned you into a liar!
The crack gave you hell in the smoke!

The Meth turned you into a living zombie!
The Meth took away your teeth!
The Meth lab destroyed your home in the explosion!
The Meth changed you into a shameful shell of a man!

The “boys” got you off an assault felony.
The “boys” chased off your women.
The “boys” provided the good times and the destruction.
The “boys” tell you you’re invincible.

The nurses told you your organs were shutting down.
The nurses told you your blood was as thick as pancake syrup.
The nurses told you to make your peace with yourself.
The nurses told you you are not invincible.

The priest appeared to give you one last prayer.
The priest showed little emotion as he performed his mission.
The priest touched your chest with the cross in his hand.
The priest left the room, taking with him your last atoms of life.

You yell inside yourself that the end of your time is now.
You can feel the life you possessed for 50 years lifting from your body.
Your mind screams at your soul as it leaves your body, too.
Your body is now an abandoned shell of abused mammalian cells!

Before the lights finally go out inside your mind’s eyes...
Before the end of a heartbreakingly sad saga of a wasted life concludes...
Before the end of half a century of misery is finally quieted on this stiff hospital gurney...
You realize, just as you fade to black -- from your sad life, this was the only ESCAPE PLAN!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014


(Season 3, Episode 34)

(Wilmington, N.C)

My name is Tina Maria Bryant.
I have been visited by The Horrorwalker creature.
It awoke me from a deep dreamy sleep a couple of weeks ago.
Our reality bending interaction changed my life that night!

Did it actually awaken me by physical force?
Or, did my soul react to its presence in my bedroom?
One moment in time... I am dreaming of zombies walking with the dead!
Another moment, I am wide awake staring at a... dark creature!

It stood there, silently lording over me, only a few feet away from me.
I was looking at a nightmare, through my foggy eyes.
I did not panic as my mind slowly gained clarity.
It was obvious to me that something otherworldly was about to happen.

The Horrorwalker did not say one word to me from that darkened cowl.
Somehow, I already knew what was about to happen to me.
I slowly moved back the warm blanket comforting my now awake body.
The darkness in my bedroom might as well been daylight.

What I was witnessing was amazing to my racing mind full of thoughts.
How could something so huge and black in color seem to glow in the darkness?
The tome, the weapon it carried and the billowing robe were all plainly visible.
How could blackness glow inside the 4:20 AM darkness in my bedroom?

Anyway, my body suddenly moved without my mind telling it to do so.
I was compelled to get out of bed... fully nude... and stand before the Horrorwalker.
Never once did I ever think my nudity mattered at all to the creature!
It was there to make me do its arcane bidding... my nudity meant nothing to it!

Now, standing before the towering monstrous Horrorwalker,
I felt like an insect it could have squashed at will!
But it slowly extended its Horrorwalker tome for me to hold...
And I was immediately compelled to flip the self-flipping pages to a tale.

I was born in Brunswick Community Hospital of Southport 25 years ago.
My family moved into Wilmington when I was 3 years old... 2 miles off the ocean.
All that I have known about everything good, for all of my life... 
Is from living the beautiful beach life off of coastal North Carolina.

I have eaten a hell of a lot of fresh fish from off the ocean.
I have eaten pounds and pounds of shrimp fresh from off the ocean.
I have surfed the Atlantic ocean waves hours before a hurricane hit the land.
I have seen many strange, and beautiful, things just off the ocean. 

I have spent a lot of time marveling at the ocean beauty, just off the ocean!
And so, when I finally settled on the page the Horrorwalker gave to me...
And when I began to read the text of my Horrorwalker Tome tale...
I was gobsmacked  by the aptness of the title of my Horrorwalker story.

The Horrorwalker horror tale presented for me is called: OFF THE OCEAN!
And the story is all about bizarre horror from coastline that I love and know.
The places in my Horrorwalker horror tale is only miles from where I stand.
I hope the Horrorwalker picked me for this reading because it trusts me.

Like the story always goes with people visited by the Horrorwalker...
I lost all tracking of the concept of time while reading my tale.
What seemed like a glorious amount of hours reading a compelling novel...
Was in actuality only a few minutes of real time, or so it seemed there, too.

This I do know... I retained full memory of what I read!
Usually, my memory is a horrid mess that often gets me into trouble.
But this Horrorwalker encounter is all that I have read it to be...
And I am supposed to tell the world of the information I have been given.

And so... when I finished the story, I handed the tome back to the Horrorwalker.
It took the book back into its large black toned skeletal hands.
It effortlessly took what appeared to be a step back away from me.
And then it vanished... there one moment and then simply gone the next moment.

There was no brimstone smell as it left me.
There was no sound ringing in my ears as it left me.
There were no footprints on the shag carpet where it stood.
All I had to prove what I just witnessed was this driving memory of the tale.

I immediately walked over to my computer and powered it on.
Clothing was still optional as I sat on the chair and began to write.
By the time I finished recounting and recording my Horrorwalker tale...
The time on the small electronic clock stated: 12:39 P.M.!

I have never written anything with this kind of obsessed conviction!
It is obvious that I am still affected by my Horrorwalker encounter.
It is also obvious that I will continue to be affected until I exorcize my memory.
I believe I did that, as suddenly the numbness in my ass became very apparent!   

This Horrorwalker tale is a great story of nature and the surprises it delivers.
And, I will break it down into four sectional manuscripts.
I am now presenting the first manuscript for public perusal.
My Horrorwalker tale might change all American horror paradigms.

Places and things and creatures and humans interact right here in North Carolina.
Asked in my tale, do they all own their personal place on this land of ancient birth?
Do all of their ancestral lineage originate right here on North Carolina soil?
Are origins sometimes created in secret places by secret people and secret things? 

What if that which is discovered by those who explore is... beyond explanation?
What if the Horrorwalker unknown might have an origin from beyond the clouds?
Or, what if the origin of the Horrorwalker unknown is from -- OFF THE OCEAN!
Questions and answers... given to me by the Horrorwalker... on that dark night! 

And so, here is the first book of what the Horrorwalker showed me that night --
An introduction to a bonded pair of explorers who make a fantastic discovery.
Their adventure starts out strange, turns to horror and eventually...
Resolves in the bizarre and strange Horrorwalker World of... OFF THE OCEAN!