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Monday, December 1, 2014


BELIEF SYSTEM is the 13th episode of season 3 of The Countdown To Horror Zero!
This is also the final horror poem for The Countdown To Horror Zero... perhaps!
I hope you have enjoyed the horror of this center season...
There are 2 more seasons of 13 horror prose episodes to come --
Before the final horror tale...
The Countdown To Horror Zero

The curator of this horror World of Words will take a two week break...
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Stay with the horror...
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I will return in about two weeks...
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(Season 3, Episode 27)

(Little Rock, Arkansas)

It truly was foolishness…
To disbelieve the obvious facts before me.
My former religious faith stated that there were no Vampire monsters...
Before Vlad the Impaler, or after.

I was told there have always been human monsters.
They would not be the blood drinkers I hunted.
They said there have always been evil thoughts.
Men become human wolves when they embrace evil.

But they told me there have always been the invisible Ghosts.
There have always been a holy ghost to carry God’s words.
These ghosts are not beings of the evil undead…
But, indeed, are created entities made by God alone.

And yet, I am supposed to believe in a God who directs my life.
And that this God exists everywhere at the same moment in time.
And that this God is a spirit of power incomprehensible…
And that this God exists -- but a lowlife monster vampire cannot?

If an invisible spirit God exists in a higher plane of reality than my own…
Then why cannot werewolves exist, or ghouls exist, or phantoms exist,
Or Aliens exist, or devils exist, or… vampires exist to vex mankind?
What was that creature I destroyed last week that turned to dust at the stake?

My Belief System is totally confused when I allow religion inside my mind.
The notions of the machinations of a God creature is as mad as the vision of vampires.
Both of these entities should not exist in the same space as a human being.
Why doesn’t the world explode in antimatter incongruity when these opposites meet?

God has offered me no help as I fight the numbness of religion!
God has offered me no help as I battle the forces of evil!
God has offered me no help as I war against blood thirsty vampires!
And God has offered me nothing in the way of any solutions!

The last vampire I destroyed had, hours before, feasted on the blood of a priest.
I found it bucking all Christian notions… sleeping in the dark attic of the church!
It was smoking from its smoldering skin as it burned from the aura inside the building.
But it seemed to ignore the pain, just to hide in what it believed was the perfect place.

I did not burn as I knocked the creature off the table to the dusty wooden attic floor.
I did not burn as I climbed on top of her and pinned her arm down with my knees.
I did not burn as I ripped open her shirt and placed the wooden stake between her breasts.
I did not burn as I drove the dry wood into her soulless heart with my heavy mallet.

Again, where was God as this undead spirit of evil defiled his place of worship?
I did not hear the hand of God clapping in approval as I sent more evil back to hell.
I did not feel any absorption of God’s energy as I cleaned up the ashes of evil.
I only felt my own self-satisfaction of destroying another blood feasting vampire monster!

The fact that I just committed another violent act of vampire destruction here a church…
Well, I am sitting on this confession bench to write out a little cathartic relief…
For, this is traumatizing stuff to kill another undead creature… especially right here!
I’m not a believer… I’ve not seen God… but I’ve seen things perverse and ungodly!

I will now leave this once holy place.
It was defiled by a blood feasting creature of the nighttime undead!
I have killed that which had eaten a man of the cloth… and taken care of his body.
And now the hunt goes on to the next murderer of the living… by godless vampire hands!