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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


(Season 1, Episode 53)

The first season of 13 episodes of The Countdown To Horror Zero comes to a close. These tales will return within the time space of one month. Keep a look-out for the return... to 13 more episodes of Horrorwalker horror from this dark place of literature.
See you in about a month, horror fans!

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Here is a short tale from deep within the horror bowels of the Horrorwalker Travel Guide! 
The original person visited by the Horrorwalker wishes to remain anonymous... 
Because of her fear of Vampires. 
You really cannot blame her for her fear, can you? 
It was hard enough accepting the presence of... 
The Horrorwalker!


(Bangor, Maine)

I have heard there is some crazy vampire stuff happening deep down south in Louisiana and Texas. It is dark and damp and dank down there in the backwoods swamp communities… the perfect atmosphere for weird going’s on. There are suppose to be some very scary nexus hot spots down there where various mystical forces meet to mix and match ancient deadly mythologies as “they” are brought to life. I have to make my way down there. I must stand in the middle of one of those hot spots to see what it feels like to bathe in pure eldritch mysticism!

I have been struggling and existing in the colder climate of the American north east for 110 years. The weather, and the people, have never been good to me... but I have been compelled to live here by thoughts deep inside my mind.

I have been nearly frozen solid in snow storms, torn apart as swift moving, high rising river water swept over me, watched in horror as my nightly hiding places are dwindling down to nothing... and vacillated between hunting human blood and animal blood.

I now exist in the unbelievable fearful shadow of night time discovery. I have literally run out of places to hide.

The other passengers are boarding the bus now. I am standing at the front of the huge vehicle, looking in through the windshield. My thoughts are all focused on where I have been and where I am going!

This Greyhound bus ride is going to be a long trek. I can hide in the shadowy back of the bus, hopefully in quite peace. I will obviously get my on-the-go blood meals during our layover bus transfers along the way. I must exert self-control because I will surely have to go extended periods without blood. We will all see how that works out because I can become as outrageously uncontrollable, and as viciously dangerous, as the worst of the vampire undead.

But, I have to make this trip to the deep south work for the next faze of my forever existence. I have to control my dead soul urges! I do not want the police snooping around the bus line as they are looking for the person leaving the bloodless carcasses of blood-drained bodies left behind from Maine to Louisiana.

Louisiana… wait for me, I am on my way. I can feel your horror calling my name... Juris Ludvigs Marija… and I will be rolling on down the road to meet you in… twenty minutes.

What does Cajun blood taste like?