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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


The twilight time...
Between the witching hour and sun rise...
Intensifies to a horror pitch minutes before sunrise.
Evil is thick and ugly then...
A time when people die horribly and disappear without a trace.
21 year old Marcie Grant has entered that horror zone.
And, she is so fresh and so innocent.
She should have already been taught these lessons!
Now she must face me...
That monster from her future nightmares she never knew existed!
She should have already been taught to...
Pay Attention!


(Season 4, Episode 19)

(Raleigh, N.C.)

It was a rainy day and you weren’t paying attention,
So you tripped over your on feet and fell face first into the mud!
I’ve noticed that your mind was definitely in detention!
Now, in your mouth, you taste city grime and your own blood!

I was stalking you on that very warm and rainy morning.
I wanted you to be my final nightly blood meal!
But when you crashed and burned without warning --
I realized you were just too clumsy of a human to steal!

It was still dark, to be sure… and you don’t have the night vision I possess.
I saw you approaching the high curb… I assumed you would step high.
But you, obviously in your early morning haze, were slow of finesse.
And before I, even with my reflexes, could react… you fell to your left thigh.

I was a monster walking on two feet, to kill and feed on you, 100 years ago.
Back then, I would have dragged you into the alley to eat you without remorse.
Today, I can control my feral need to feed… enough to tell myself a moral whoa.
But, my curse be still in me, I still an compelled to find another food source.

I was looking into your fear filled eyes as you are looking into my ebon eyes.
You were asking yourself, “Why in the hell is this dark fanged creature telling me this?”
My answer to you was… “Even vampire creatures of the night need cathartic release.”

The twisted truth be told, I was once a human being like you are,
In the time your great-ancestors were slaves of Fayetteville barter.
100 years of existing needed to pass before humans stopped being just a snack bar.
Today, I’ll occasionally suppress the urge to suck you dry like an alcoholic sucking shots dry at a bar.

And so, young lady, you will continue to live to fall down another day.
I will move on to the next victim of my hunger and need!
You just better be more careful where you fall and bleed, OK?
The next bloodsucker stalker you meet just might drain you dry, indeed!


Monday, February 16, 2015


Every man eventually comes to a point in his life where he confronts his epiphany moment.
Sometimes, that crossroads moment is a life or death option.
Meet Artimus Reilly...
A man knee deep in the moment in a caveat horror...
Facing more dire dread than discovering on his face...
The First Grey Hair!


(Season 4, Episode 20)


One day, not long ago, all the street thug life looked stupid to me… 
All of the late night, covert, gang shootings, 
And the cover of darkness fighting of people I never knew,
And the late night dangerous sex,
And the late night hanging out at the thug clubs,
And the smoking and the drinking,
And the 'bitch slapping' seemed stupid. 

This profound revelation came to me on that mind altered, 
Fuzz filled morning… after I glanced, again, into my bathroom mirror.
I had dreamed of a monstrous creature that visited me while I was awake.
This huge dark creature approached me in the darkness of my nightmare.
It cornered me in the swirling blackness,
Handed me this monstrously huge tomb and made me to read a tale of horror.
And when I awakened… I possessed a secret from the hell that is my awful life!
Something needed to change in me, because the creature told me so!

As I tried to push out the burning alcohol blood acid mix from my bladder, 
That was supposed to be piss,
There it was…
The horror reflected back at me…
Hitting my eyes like sand in a wind storm,
Causing me to rub the sudden irritation --
The irritation of welling tears --
Caused by the numbing sight
Of my first gray hair -- there -- in my beard!

My heart sank to the bottom of my chest, 
As my early morning bravado haze evaporated!
I suddenly realized,
In an epiphany of blurry thought,
That I am 42 years old and I am a bad human being!
My practically still smoking Glock 26k,
Over there on the desk, 
It suddenly looked like a cannon,
As this emotional wave hit me!
A sudden realization slapped me straight…
‘I'm too goddamn old for the asshole crap I do!’

And then there came the coded knock on my front door.
‘The Dawgs’ were here one goddamn hour early.
The hit over on the Southside was obviously moved up in time.
They were coming for me to use my cannon!
Why they needed me for this one was something I could not figure out.
But, they were here and they were here for me.
And then the content of my nightmare sprung to my mind.
I was warned that today would be the day for a life altering decision!
Holy shit…

A whole lot more of the craziness went down that morning…
You never abandon the gang without paying a heavy price!
I decided that I was now done with the bullshit!
Something inside my mind was forcing me toward a horrible conclusion!
And what be the price in giving up my favorite piece of the action…
When my mind is telling me that I have more important things to consider…
Like how in the hell do I stop the next gray hairs from forming in my face?

And... how the hell do I explain to my moms,
Later on when I see her the next time,
The loss of my left pinky finger?


Monday, February 9, 2015


You can call me Ben Brighten Mallory!
I have a short tale of reality horror to relate to you.
The frightening Horrorwalker Creature visited me a short time ago.
It forced me to read the horrid tale that I will now tell to you.
I am still too shaken to relate the details of my encounter with the creature.
So I will simply, 
 Succumb to that compulsion the Horrorwalker forces upon its victims...
To tell the world of the horror it forces upon them.
And so... here you are,
The horror the Horrorwalker has made me to see!


Certain mental illnesses can be a lighter hearted affair. 
It can even bring a family together in support of the afflicted.
On the other end of the spectrum is the psychotic homicidal maniac...
Controlled, to a degree, by powerful psychotropic drugs.
There is never a call to the lightness of heart here...
And when he escapes his handlers?
Well, everyone should be alerted to beware of this dangerous man...

Of Unsound Mind!


(Season 4, Episode 21)

(Waco, Texas)


You are such a complex being. You are capable of horrible feats unknown to your own personal thoughts. You have a mind that reasons and responds… sometimes... to the rationality of reality. Oh, but the reasons for hatred -- how do you respond to that?


Like the fickle feather-like winds of the mercurial weather that changes daily, you have little power to cloud over the directions of your reasons to enter the fog of insanity, or stay clear of mind when the drugs kick in. You do want to keep a mind that is clear about you. But, you have the mind of a twisted brain that is on an improper level below common understanding.


You better look out -- there is a dangerous higher force at work here. That force creates the results of emotions that are deadly strong. You are filled with enough scarred emotion for three people. You can hoard as much emotional content as you like, but it does not matter... you are insane!


The bright blue sun stoked sky shines bright and clear today. It warms the heart of everything at this beautiful park in Waco, Texas. Like a Hibiscus flower opening wide enough to let the sun shine inside, you know deep inside the crazy that you are ready to fling open your protective mental shell today. You left the pills on the dresser in your bedroom.


The touching of other souls is what you have said you must do… again. You must touch the heart of another man because the insane hatred inside your head and heart is so painful that it hurts... until you make it go away. You really get in touch with your own mind… when you allow yourself to plunge the knife into the chest of your victim who is hiding a beating heart that must be quieted.


All the numbness and emptiness you feel inside is real for you. You ultimately desire that a special someone bring the light to your darkness. You are searching for that someone... but you keep killing them before they can tell you what you need to know to make it all better! When it all eventually comes together and falls into the proper place… when you eventually meet the one who can survive your encounter long enough to tell you the answers to your crazy life that you crave the most... you believe you will have the peace you have always wanted... that which you never received from the stupid doctors in the asylum. You only want the things that remind you the most of the most beautiful strait jacket dreams inside your cell.

But, right now... you are out in the streets again, escaped again, to kill and search. The farther you get away from the drugs as the hours tick by, the clearer your mission to find the answers become. By now, you are not feeling one bit of guilt as you hold the still warm heart of the latest man without the answers in your blood covered hands.


Right now... drug free... of clear mind and conscious, you are contemplating asking the policeman sitting in his patrol car eating that doughnut over there just down the dark street. Surely, he has the answers...


Monday, February 2, 2015


When their prey are human beings,
The question must be demanded...
Do Vampires Always Eat Their Prey?


(Season 4, Episode 22)


(San Antonio, Texas)

My digital wall clock flashed one o’clock P.M.! It was very early in the evening, but I was still sick, awake and alert... and very pissed off. I lay upon my back, resting on top of my sand coated bed spread. I was staring into the forced darkness where my ceiling was, wondering if sleep would ever take me back into its dark vampiric-like embrace. I need my rest because bad things happen when a creature like me does not sleep the sleep of the undead.

All of the lights to my room were turned off. I could turn them on with two claps on my hands, but I needed to continue to lay here in the inky darkness. My stereo was dead silent. I sometimes slept to very low music in the background, but not that day. I was actually in too bad of a mood to listen to music when first the dark shroud of mystery darkness overcomes me. My sunlight tinder body needs that silent darkness in my room, for the sake of my immortality... and my sanity. So, I kept the curtains to my bedroom window tightly drawn to keep out the outside solar rays of a burn-me-to dust sun. I had kept my eyes tightly closed, too.

The silence in the room screamed at me. It was so quiet that I could ‘hear’ the lack of my heart bearing... a very scary sound, even for me, in the quiet darkness of my room. Also, the empty sandy space in my bed beside me radiated cold waves of nothingness.

As I continue to lie along by bed, one particular thought flashed through my mind -- ‘Why me?’ were the words in that brief thought. Other musings came next, such as... Why do I have to suffer forever sleeping alone? Will I ever have a bed mate to call my own? Will I ever have someone to love me cold at night? Do I trust myself to control my desire to drain the warm body, of still another living woman, dry of blood  while she sleeps? I needed answers... now!

There is one lady who is right for me, but she is an ethereal mystery to me. She seems to prefer sleeping alone. She always turns me down when I ask her to share my sleep time. Seems like every chance she has to possess me she instead kicks me out into the cold. She tells me that she is not lonely. She does not seem to need anything at all. That is such a scary thought for me because I always thought that everyone needed someone else in their lives.

I have a great desire to please her -- even though I really cannot talk to her like I want to. It appears to me that everything I say to her seems to irritate her. I can feel myself slowly becoming lost in the spaces of her distance.

I hope that one day she will realize that her anger toward me is not a necessary emotion in our lives. I am her friend, even though I am not alive, she must realize that fact. I desire her. And, you do not suppress the desires of your trusted friend, do you?

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? We had better do what we can do... right now. Two heads are better than one, I say.  We can figure out this thing together. Why she fights off my advances is beyond my meager comprehension. Mortal women are not long for this life if they become involved with the likes of me... but, this situation is something that could be special.

Oh, sleep finally came to me. It took me away from my pain of loneliness while being awake. But, as always, I awoke the next night to find that nothing had changed. I approached her in my nightmare of a dream and she, again, rejected me... as usual.

I have come to the realization that if she was ever to love me it would be because I made it happen. Yes, she would love me -- even if I had to kill someone to gain her attention.

I have scratched and clawed like a hunted animal in order to exist in the daylight dangerous world of men and women for centuries. It is difficult being a creature born from a time when monsters and witches and other creatures of the darkness openly walked the land, challenging men and beast alike. The loneliness has become overbearing as the decades have slowly rolled by. Back in the days of being a feral hunter of man for my food, I never thought like this. Television, radio and social media has infected me with the need to desire... contact.

In sleep, I have found a potential companion to chase and court. My dreams materialize in the realm of the dreamworld of the supernatural. What I dream can come true... I just have to get there. Will my companion accept me if I actually do what I need to do, in reality, to be with her? If I destroy my immortal physical self, will she become mine?

Ah ha, now that is a thought to consider! But, right now, it is time to open this window, change into my winged form and hunt for my next victim for the blood meal I savagely thirst for. Thoughts of companionship and the lonely are caveats for the times AFTER I have killed for my food as this night calls for me to be what I am... an undead hungry, damned vampire!