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Monday, January 27, 2014


(Season 1, Episode 54)

a horrorwalker travel guide horror tale:

(Manassas, Virginia)

(Robert Lamar Jenkins' Tale)

Behind you is your DEAD SPACE.
You know what it is… 
The unknown surrealism directly behind your body.
You can never really see what is behind your line of sight.
Peripheral vision be dammed --
What is that standing directly behind you right now?
Turn around as quickly as you can.
You cannot now,
Nor will you ever be able to,
 Move fast enough to see into your Dead Space!
A mirror into the soul, 
Or some other sources of reflection… 
Or words from a person trusted, 
Should provide you with the much needed insight… 
Into what you believe occupies your personal dead space.
In this personal shared  moment,
The question you should ask yourself is… 
Do you trust your own ears and eyes?
Do you trust the eyes of your trusted friends?

Something is there…
You know it exists because you can feel its presence.
It has brushed up against your back a few times.
It has bumped into you from behind when you abruptly stop.
You have glanced the shape of ‘something’ behind you.
And you have seen the shadow shape off the walls.
It is nearly invisible to you.
It is completely invisible to everyone else.
But it is there and you want it to give you an answer.

But the answers are not to come, just yet.
There is a purpose here for these things unknown.
There are realities that are just out of the focus of human perception…
And you really might not want the answers you seek.
You might not be ready to see into the dead spaces of another reality.
You might not be perceptive enough, just yet.
And like the people you call friends,
You are not in the proper frame of mind to see the unseen.
Maybe you are not ready to peer into a Horrorwalker World!

The bathroom mirror before you still offers no answers.
You can still see the outline… of… something back there,
But only a thin shadow shape borders your skin..
Whatever it is… it is not ready to reveal itself.
And really… do you really want it to reveal itself?
What if it is your soul trying to escape your tired body?
What if it is a monster awaiting the chance consume your flesh?
You have so many questions,
But so very few answers to this frightening mystery.

The Horrorwalker forced you to read that horrible tale!
It has been three days since you held the scary Horrorwalker Tome.
THE DEAD SPACE BEHIND YOU is a pure horror paranoia tale!
And now, you cannot get over the fact that…
Amber Starks lived this original nightmare!
She found out what you want to know about your Dead Space.
What she discovered was not pretty.
She never deserved her fate.
But obviously, in a Horrorwalker Horror World, bad things happen… period!

The Horrorwalker Tome left you without answers.
The Horrorwalker Tome left you with paranoia.
You know what happened to the protagonist of the tale.
“But is her fate to be my fate, Horrorwalker?”
Why leave you with this obscene knowledge?
Will you end up in the same mental hospital as Amber?
Like her, will you have to cut off your… wait a minute…
Amber has been institutionalized in RICA-Baltimore!
Can it be that your story was meant as impetuous for you to meet her?

How will you ever gain entrance into this state psychiatric facility?
They will never believe your Horrorwalker encounter tale.
They will probably drag you inside and lock you down, too.
But, if they did that… you would eventually have access to Amber.
This is crazy audacity!
Could you survive inside a place like that?
How do you eventually make your escape?
And would you become truly mad inside a house of madness?
Can you give to Amber the answers you want to glean from her?


“I am now all packed up and ready to go.
I am prepared to take this trek from tiny “Hicksville” Virginia,
All the way up to the wilds of Baltimore, Maryland…
And I am prepared to not see the light of day for a long time.
I just took one more glance in the bathroom mirror.
And, as every other of the many times before, 
There is still the shadow of something standing behind me.
And so, I am forced to take a Horrorwalker Travel Guide trek…
Toward my final destiny -- in a Baltimore State Mental hospital!”


Monday, January 13, 2014


(Season 1, Episode 55)

My name is Paulette…
I’m only comfortable giving out my first name.
I was recently visited by this Horrorwalker creature.
It made me read the awful tale transcribed below.

You have got to be kidding me…
These tales are reality?
My god…
You’re telling me this stuff really exists out there?
I might never leave my goddamn apartment again!

The Horrorwalker forced me to read the tale, IN DEEP!
It scared the crap out of me when I stepped out of my shower,
Dripping wet and naked as the day I was born,
And unable to absorb the shock of suddenly facing it in touching distance...
being taken totally aback as it extended its tome to me --
Nearly shoving that goddamn book into my face --
Forcing me to read a tale of monsters among us.

And when it was finished with me,
It faded away like it had never been there.
But there I stood with memories of horror…
And here you have, for your perusal, my horror tale:

(South Bend, Indiana)


(Banner, the vampire serial killer, held Jenny close to his face with the tight grip of his talon-like hands)

“Look deep into my eyes.” he said with subtle menace. “Do you see the glow deep inside my soul?” He continued… “That incandescence, that dark spark that lives deep inside me.”


(Banner held her with his left hand, which was in the small of her back… pressing her close to his chest. With his right hand, he gently brushed back the hair from the side of her face and then gently grabbed said hair and pulled it back and down to present the beautiful, flawless skin of her neck. He then opened his mouth to reveal the two inch fangs that replaced his canines.)

“You struck the proverbial flint,” he continued his frightful soliloquy. “My lovely lady, you enlighten me. And so, I will now remake you into  my beautiful soul mate. I am about to enter the place so deep within you that your soul will be mine forever! And you will not need to surface for air again.”


(Banner opened his mouth wide… in an obscene horror of something unreal and undead… a soul sucking, blood stripping monster thing that was about to inflict death, and forever undead, all in one painful act of a violence bite of the profane kind.)

(But Banner did not know that Jenny was something not of the earthly human plane, herself. He did not know that she was a not-at-all-human vampire hunter trained from near birth to find vampires, seduce them whether they be male or female and when the moment in time was right… she would destroy the evil creature in a most painful fashion. And use their flesh for…)

(Jenny’s fingernails on her right hand suddenly extended from half inch long normal nails to the six inch black talon claws of a raptor creature. She reached up the backside of Banner and sank them into the back of his neck, severing his spine at the base of his skull with the flick of her wrist. This was a painless maneuver she just performed on a 200 year old vampire. Banner did not realize why he suddenly loss all control of his body below his chin. He abruptly fell to a lump of undead flesh right where he stood on the damp cobblestone… falling down like a marionette with its strings suddenly cut.)

(Banner tried to speak, but his undead lungs would no longer move to expel air up through his voice box. He tried to move, but that was not going to happen anytime soon. So, all he could do right now was stare at Jenny with a look of hatred on his face.)


‘I was going to make you mine,” he screamed inside the silence of his immobilized body.


(Jenny kneeled beside Banner, on his right side… close to his feet. She began her brief explanation of who she is, before…)

“My kind, like your kind, are driven to feed upon the flesh of humans. My kind nearly wiped-out the humans on our former home… a place on another dimensional plane of existence. We are a ravenous race with huge appetites… but we will not exterminate a race of creatures just because we feed upon them. It was not until we came to earth that we discovered a new food source -- VAMPIRES! Your flesh, infused with the insanely intoxicating infusion of all your victims makes you ambrosia to my kind.”

“And, as soon as my kind came to this plane of existence, the training of the children began for us to hunt the humans of earth, who are far weaker that the humans of our last hunting grounds. We hunted only a few humans before we discovered your kind. And the evil emanated from your aura drew is to you. And once we tasted your flesh, like once you tasted human blood, the eat-or-be-eaten cat and mouse chase began.”

“And now I have you. There are 35 of my kind on this earthly plane. We have not killed a human in nearly 100 years. The flesh of two of you can sustain my community for a month. And the older you are the better. And you smell old, indeed… like 2 centuries old.”

“I cannot help myself… I must have a taste of your flesh before I call in the men to come get you. I… must… have… one delicious bite of you.”


(Jenny pulled back the pants leg of the paralyzed vampire lying on its back, absorbing the grimy moisture off the grey cobblestone into its clothing. A glaze of ecstasy formed over her eyes as she stared at the pale flesh on the calf of the leg before her. She slowly opened her mouth wide, dislodged a part of her jaw, forced the human-like teeth to pull back into her gums to be replaced with a full mouth of jagged triangular razor sharp mauling teeth. She then forced her head down to the leg, took a huge bite of the delicious cold flesh, extracted the almost bloodless, almost surgically removed chunk of flesh from the leg. She slowly chewed the delicious meat, her eyes rolling back into her sockets, as she thoroughly enjoyed the ecstasy.


(And Banner could only scream inside his mind as it was obvious what his fate was to be… to be eaten alive by ghouls from somewhere as profane and unbelievable as his own existence is.)

(And again, he screamed in terror, and horror, inside his mind… as Jenny looked at his leg again, obviously contemplating another huge bite of delicious vampire flesh…)


Monday, January 6, 2014


(Season 1, Episode 56)

I dream the nightmare of Magnus Loris Martin's predicament every week.
The answers to the final conclusion to his life, of that I did not peek.
The Horrorwalker forced me to read this horror tale of gore and things that reek.
I always thought Horrorwalker tales concluded with answers at the peak.

I don't care if the world knows my name is Ji-woo Amber Park.
I am not the subject of this tortuous horror vision of many a strewn body part.
Of the horror vision, by the Horrorwalker, I was forced fed... I must remark --
I have been sent down a pathway to terror, I must now embark.

Pray that you never meet the darkness residing inside Demon Claws.
These tales are not soft missives describing kitties with soft paws.
Blood, guts, gore, evisceration and creatures of the dark laws...
These are the monsters that reside side by side with the Horrorwalker inside...

Presenting your prime example of this horror: