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Monday, January 26, 2015


They fell into a dangerous, forbidden, obscene order of love!
Victoria... immortal, feral and untrustworthy!
Romaine... mortal, prey and absolutely smitten in love!
Tragedy is the only final outcome for this unholy union!
The final question for the survivor is...
How much pain will be inflicted to the one during the moments of death?


(Season 4, Episode 23)


(Wilmington, North Carolina)

You know,
I wanted to be so cool…
When I stood there before you. 

I wanted to be a strong man,
To impresses with my brio…
You must have known that.

I wanted to be the man who takes control of his fear,
As I faced you under the midnight stars and the bright moon…
To force of my feelings for you to be known.

And you, in control, without a word being spoken,
I know what you wanted…
You want wanted me to realize that my blood now belonged to you.

My soul stayed warm because you were near me,
I want you to know that I saw clearly now…
Because you are now in my life to show me the way to give you more life. 

I wanted to show you what it is like to be a man, 
In love with the death that is you and what you need…
To show you that, by being loyal, even as you revealed your sharp canines.

I thank you for the promise you made to me,
To behead me after you have drained me of all my life elixir…
Preventing me from rebirth as the undead being you have been for centuries.

We are of different times, you and I,
And I would be driven mad with having to live like you…
So, for respect of all that is my life right now, kill me please after your fill!

You are the most beautiful creature I have ever know,
It is too bad that I age and you do not…
And death has finally caught me by the neck to leave you alone, again.

Remember, after my death, there can be another like me,
Who will understand that, with the help of a human, you do not have to be monstrous…
I beg of you to at least try to find another man to help you.

Always remember the lessons we have learned together,
Especially what motivates a man to overcome the fear of death, to obtain…
Your beauty... it will always provide that motivation… for good or evil!

OK, my sweet siren from ancient times,
I feel myself slipping away from you right now… do what you must do to me…
And please, always remember the 60 great years of arcane adventures we had together!


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